Stevie Wilkerson Becomes the First Position Player to Ever Record a Save

This week has seen some epic extra inning battles, and last night was no exception. The O’s and the Angels went 16, with the Orioles besting the Halos 10-8. But the story wasn’t about how the teams went scoreless for 5 extra innings, or that they each scored 3 runs in the fifteenth to keep the nearly 7 hour game alive. No. The biggest headline of the night was that Baltimore centerfielder/utility man, Stevie Wilkerson, managed to rack up a save while pitching like he was in an old man’s softball league.

We’ve seen position players take the mound plenty of times over the years, and the Orioles are doing it quite often this season. This was the 3rd time this year that Wilkerson has taken the mound, having a 3.00 ERA going into last nights game. But this is the first time in MLB history that a position player has recorded a save. Oh, and he managed to do it in just 14 innings, while none of those pitches even reached 60 mph.

If you watch the clip above, and watch just how slowly those pitches crossed the plate, it makes you wonder how he managed to keep some really good hitters like Albert Pujols inside the ballpark. The likely answer is that after 16 innings, everyone had run out of gas and he got lucky. In any case, congratulations on making history, Stevie!

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