Trevor Bauer Throws a Tantrum

In what some speculate could be his last start in a Cleveland uniform, Trevor Bauer had himself a little tantrum on the mound before being taken out of the game on Sunday. Bauer gave up 8 runs, 7 of those being earned, in just 4 1/3 innings. The Tribe ultimately lost the game 9-6.

Bauer’s name has been tossed around the rumor mill lately as the trade deadline has been approaching. The red-hot Indians are sitting 2 games behind the white-hot Twins in the standings, but their schedule is about to get a lot harder over the next few weeks. It’s unclear as to whether the Cleveland powers that be had really been considering a trade while they’re still very much in the playoff race. The tantrum he threw could either hurt his trade value by reminding everyone that he’s kind of a jackass, or make the Indians want to get rid of him solely for his bad attitude being a cancer in the clubhouse. Cleveland may be hesitant to trade away their ace when they’re so close to topping the AL Central.

In any case, someone please go get Trev-Trev a blankie and a crib.


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