Who Doesn’t Love a Good Bench Clearing?

Who doesn’t love a good bench clearing? My personal favorite brawl was between the Cubs and White Sox, and seeing AJ Pierzynski getting punched in the face by Michael Barrett. Except this time, no punches were thrown and it was actually kind of boring.

Tempers flared last night between the Rangers and the A’s, leading to a benches clearing non-brawl. The beef started back in June (!) when Rangers starter Adrian Sampson had apparently stepped on Ramon Laureano’s bat, and Laureano had been letting that stew for nearly two months. During the 6th inning in last night’s game, Laureano knocked one out and admired it like it was the greatest home run ever hit in the history of the game. And when he was done admiring and decided to start trotting around the bases, he invited Sampson to step on his bat again. This didn’t sit well with Sampson, and players inched out of the dugout. The situation diffused quickly and all seemed to move on.

Until his at-bat in the 8th inning.. when Laureano was beaned by reliever Rafael Montero, who took it upon himself to avenge Sampson. Benches then cleared, and everyone slowly moved toward home plate and stood around for a bit, not throwing punches. The most heated the melee got was Laureano tossing his bat to the ground and pointing at Montero. Yawn.

Montero and both managers were ejected, and Laureano finally took his base. The intentional hit made zero difference in the game, as the A’s were already up 5-4, which ended up being the final score.

This (extremely boring) brawl does pose a few questions, however:

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