Giants Take Fashion Cues From Panda

Giants 3rd baseman Pablo Sandoval, aka the Panda, Kung Fu Panda, the Round Mound of Pound, is known for many things. Apparently this includes his fashion choices. And on their flight to Philly yesterday, his teammates paid homage to his love of skinny jeans, big chains, and chest-baring button down printed tops. Below are a few of the best Panda-esque looks. (Hopefully Madison Bumgarner didn’t spend too much money on his look, because his word on the street is that he is inches away from heading to Houston.. or anywhere but San Francisco).


Austin Slater lets his ankles and chest hair bask in the sunshine.
Buster Posey rocking his finest Panda wear
Post Malone Brandon Crawford
Yaz and Jo Panik looking fierce
Will Smith and Reys Moronta – Will’s fanny pack purse situation is so extra
Kevin Pillar’s pants could not be any tighter if they were painted on
My personal fave: Jeff Samardzija.
The hair and popped collar give him that next level creeper vibe.

Actual Panda:

So… I gotta ask:

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