Trade Deadline Got Me Like…


With some of the biggest names still left on the trade block, everyone is starting to freak out. Even Noah Syndergaard is confused, after the Mets bolstered their rotation with Marcus Stroman. Thor then changed his Twitter Bio to say “Pitcher for the New York Mets, for now. Mrs. Met would hate to see me traded” and posted these little gems:

Syndergaard is one of the most sought after names in this trade season, with his $6 million/year contract, and being under team control for a few more years. This would mean he’s more than just a rental player for a playoff contender. But the Mets are asking for the moon in return for him, meaning they’re either not serious about letting him go, or they’re really trying to beef up their team going into the Wild Card hunt. And by adding Marcus Stroman, they seem pretty serious about doing just that.

The Rangers rumor mills are still abuzz about Mike Minor and Lance Lynn getting dealt for teams in need of a pitching boost. But Minor’s 10-team no trade clause might be hampering that, meaning some of the teams looking for an arm (ahem, Yankees) are going to have to look elsewhere. And he’s been very clear about not wanting to be traded, period.

Detroit’s Matthew Boyd is another pitcher that has seen his value spike in recent days. The Tigers are way out of contention, and they might as well start looking at next year. Boyd is under team control for another three years after this season, and his contract wouldn’t break anyone’s bank. His numbers aren’t stellar, but he’d definitely add a solid arm for any team looking to make some rotation moves.

Madison Bumgarner is still one of the top pitchers out there as well, but with the Giants still not out of the hunt, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him stay with his team through the end of this season when his contract expires. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see the Giants try to get a player or two in return if they don’t intend to keep him after this season.

Cleveland’s Trevor Bauer…. well.. I’ve already covered that mess here and here. At this point, I don’t know if any teams want to take that on, or if Cleveland wants to keep him around. He’s a good pitcher, but in terms of him as a human in general, he’s got some work to do to fix his reputation.

There are teams that have yet to wave the white flag on the season, but probably should. There are still talks about Diamondbacks trying to unload Zack Greinke, and the Pirates having a fire sale on a few big names – Melky Cabrera, Francisco Liriano, and Corey Dickerson. The Giants, should they decide to roll over and die, might be willing to part with closer Will Smith or lefty reliever (recently demoted from the rotation) Drew Pomeranz.

However the day looks tomorrow at 4 pm Eastern, there will surely be a few busts and a few steals when it comes to the final transactions. Players move on to a new town and their families will have to pack up and to uproot for the summer, maybe beyond. Such is baseball life.

Notable trades that have gone down in the last couple of days:

  • Phillies get Jason Vargas from the Mets for MiLB catcher Austin Bosart
  • Brewers get RHP Jordan Lyles from Pittsburgh in exchange for prospect Cody Ponce
  • Afforementioned Marcus Stroman went to the Mets and the Jays get two RHP: Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson
  • Rays get OF Ruben Cardenas from Cleveland for INF Christian Arroyo and RHP Hunter Wood
  • Rays get Eric Sogard from the Blue Jays for a player to be named later
  • Oakland got LHP Jake Diekman from the Royals for RHP Ismael Aquino and OF Dairon Blanco
  • Cubs get LHP Derek Holland for cash from the Giants
  • Twins received Sergio Romo and MiLB pitcher Chris Vallimont and a player to be named later from the Marlins for prospect Lewin Diaz

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