MLB Puts Eight in Time-Out for Brawling

The other day I wrote about how we all love a good brawl, even though the one I mentioned was boring. And then, as though the baseball gods were shining their benevolence upon me, we got a REAL brawl on Tuesday night.

Tuesday’s brawl between the Reds and the Pirates was a good one, you guys. Tensions had been high between the two teams all season, after their first brawl back in April. But Tuesday’s melee put that one to shame.


Inevitably, the suspensions have been handed down by MLB, and they look like this:

  • Reds manager David Bell gets a 6 game suspension for running onto the field after he’d been tossed already, and for “escalating the incident”
  • Reds pitcher Amir Garrett, who started the brawl by charging OFF the mound (most seem to start when someone charges TO the mound) got 8 games for instigating and throwing a punch
  • Reds pitcher Jared Hughes gets 3 games for throwing at Starling Marte
  • Reds (now Indians) Yasiel Puig, who had been traded mid-game away from Cincinnati, gets 3 games for “aggressive actions”
  • Pirates manager Clint Hurdle gets 2 games for his club’s conduct and for allowing pitches to be thrown at (not to) Derek Deitrich
  • Pirates 3B Jose Osuna gets 5 games for “aggressive and inappropriate” actions
  • Pirates reliever Kyle Crick gets 3 games for inappropriate actions
  • And Pirates pitcher Keone Kela gets 10 games for starting the whole thing by intentionally throwing at Reds Derek Deitrich’s head and instigating the brawl

I don’t know how MLB was able to figure out who got how many days, and just how involved each player was in the fracas (what a great word), because it looked like one giant heap of flying fists and shoves to me. In any case, all of the suspended players/managers are appealing and will remain able to play until their appeals are reviewed.

On top of the suspensions, MLB has also fined Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams, Reds 1B Joey Votto, and outfielder Phillip Ervin an undisclosed amount. Pirates Catcher Francisco Cervelli, who’s been on the IL, was also fined for participating in the brawl.

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