Can We Just Rewatch Sanó’s Walk Off Moonshot From Last Night?

There’s a reason I called this site Moonshots and Mustard. Actually, a few reasons… but for the most part, it’s because I choose to write about the big stuff (i.e. moonshots) and the extra (i.e. mustard). In any case, Miguel Sanó went extra big and extra.. extra.

The Twins had given up their 3-1 lead in the 7th when the Braves tied it, and they went into the 9th hoping to avoid extra innings. With two outs and a runner on base, Sanó was called off the bench to pinch hit for Ehire Adrianza. On the 0-1 count, Sanó got a cutter that was hit so hard that Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña didn’t even bother trying to go for it and just started trotting off the field to go home and likely cry over the majestic beauty he had just lost to witnessed.

Sanó, who I like to refer to as Papí Junior – as he will likely end up going to the Red Sox (or another large market) for gobs of money after he does his time in Minnesota, a la David Ortíz – has been both an asset and a liability for the Twins over the years. Often injured (he’s spent a lot of time on the IL over the last couple of seasons and missed the first month and a half of this year) and often impatient at the plate (he strikes out a lot), and often finding himself in hot water, Twins fans have been (rightfully) frustrated with him.

But he’s seemingly finally hitting his stride. He’s much more patient at the plate, he’s been keeping himself healthy and in better shape than in past seasons, and despite missing the first 41 games of the season, he’s already managed to rack up 19 home runs this season. And #19 was absolutely glorious, giving the Twins their 70th win on the season and boosting them back to a 4 game lead over Cleveland in the AL Central. (Not so) Fun fact: The Twins didn’t hit 70 wins until September 18th in 2018, and only had 78 wins for the whole season.

Congratulations, Mr. Sanó!

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