Chris Davis’s Season Can’t Suck Any Worse.. (Spoiler Alert: It Can)

Chris Davis had himself an incident last night. I’ll get to that in a minute. But before I do, you should probably get some backstory. Let’s go back in time, shall we?

The year is 2013, and Chris Davis is a certified badass. He led all of MLB with 53 home runs and 138 RBI. He won the Silver Slugger at 1B, and he came in 3rd for MVP voting. He made the All Star Game and the Home Run Derby. People thought he was so good that he might just be cheating.

2014: Davis is still flying high, but suffering through some injuries. He doesn’t get to play the first few games of the season, and he slumps a bit. He only bats .196, but still manages to hit 26 HR and amass 72 RBI. But whoopsie, Davis forgets to get his therapeutic apmhetamine exemption, and tests positive for a banned substance (Adderall) and he gets suspended for 25 games – which included the last 17 games of the season and the 7 games that the Orioles played in the post season. Womp womp.

2015: Fresh off of his suspension, and with his therapeutic exemption for his amphetamines in place, Davis returns to 2013 form and hits 47 HR, and bats .262. Let’s not worry about his league leading 208 strikeouts, because he was good. And thank goodness for him, because it’s time to take a look at his contract….

Flash forward to 2016. Chris Davis, back to being a certified badass, signs a monster 7-year, $161 million contract – the largest ever in Orioles history. He still does pretty well, though he only batted .221 and led the league in strikeouts again with 219, but he manages to still smash 38 HR. The O’s might be sweating a bit on whether that deal was the right thing to do, but the fan base would have likely lost their collective shit if they’d have let him go.

So now, we are here in 2019, the year of Chris Davis perpetually riding the struggle bus, with seemingly no end in sight. He started the season going 0 for 33, and that slump was actually 0-54 if you go back to September 2018. On the year, he’s batting just .183. He’s managed to hit a meager 9 home runs – which, let’s be fair, would be respectable for, say, an average catcher or something. But he’s mother-effing Chris Davis, making $23 million a year for his ability to get lots of bases and RBI and HR. And in this, the year of the homerun, where balls are flying out of the parks in a record setting pace, Chris Davis is God-awful.

So now you have the backstory to understand why I am writing about Chris Davis having himself a tantrum last night. Davis struck out in his first at bat of the night – his 111th strikeout of the season – and by the time they reached the 5th inning the Orioles were already down 6-1. At this point, O’s manager Brandon Hyde decided he’d had enough of the Yankees beating up on his team, pulled Davis from his lineup and had Jace Peterson bat in his place. Between innings, Hyde said something to Davis, who decided he’d had enough of Hyde, and then this happened:

Brandon Hyde didn’t want to comment on what he said to Davis to make him so mad, and neither did Mark Trumbo – who stopped Davis from going after Hyde – but they did have this to say regarding the incident:

Davis didn’t comment at all, likely embarrassed by his actions, or embarrassed that he’s basically the laughing stock of the majors right now. Either way, Orioles fans have 161 million reasons to be pissed at him right now. And rightfully so, as the O’s are 38-76, and 37 games behind the first place Yankees, who swept them in this series, and beat them 14-2 in this particular game. The Orioles’ closest competitor in the basement of the AL East would be the Blue Jays, who are 7 and a half games ahead of them. Woof. Better luck next year, Baltimore/Davis.

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