2019: The Year of the Record-Smashings Continues

When I started this site, I said I did so because the 2019 season was practically begging me to do it. Home runs are flying out of ballparks at record pace. Current players are bypassing legendary names in all categories every other week. So it’s no surprise that we saw not one but two noteworthy items for the record books happen on Tuesday night. I was about to start writing about one, and then I got a ping about another and my head is starting to spin and I can’t even keep up anymore.

Chris Sale Sails Past Pedro’s Record

Let’s start with Chris Sale and his night, shall we? He had a really rough start to the 2019 season – he’s got a 6-11 record on the year, and didn’t get his first win until May. And despite his less than stellar start to the season, he’s now managed to reach 2,000 strikeouts faster than any pitcher in history. It took 30-year-old Sale 1,626 innings to reach the milestone – almost 100 innings faster than it took the great Pedro Martinez to do it (1,711 1/3 innings).

Sale ended up with a total of 12 Ks on the night, bringing his current total to 2,007 career strikeouts. He’s one of just 9 active players with over 2,000 strikeouts – though teammate David Price is hovering just behind him at 1,979 Ks. He still has about 3,700 to go if he wants to top Nolan Ryan on the list of all time strikeout leaders, and if he wants to do it faster than he did, he’s got just under 17 more years and 4,000 more innings to do so. (Good luck with that one, Chris.)

Rafael Devers Has Himself a Night

Chris’s teammate, 3B Rafael Devers, helped Sales’s night by going 6 for 6. You’d have to go back to 2003 when Nomar Garciaparra last did it for the Red Sox, so having a perfect night at the plate with 6 at bats isn’t something that teams see all the time. And while this feat is rare, it’s been done this season already by Reds OF Phil Ervin, and a total of 74 times in the last 100 or so years.

So going 6 for 6 isn’t necessarily something that is historical. What was so special about Devers’s way of doing it was that 4 of his 6 hits on Tuesday night were doubles – making him the first ever to go 6 for 6 with 4 two-baggers. Yes, Rockies fans, I’m well aware that Charlie Blackmon went 6 for 6 with 4 extra base hits about 5 years back, but his feat was with 3 doubles and a home run, so don’t @ me.

Devers is on pace to become the 9th player in Red Sox history to get 50 doubles in a season. He’s currently sitting at 43 with a month and a half still left to play. Congratulations on your random historical mark, Raffy!

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