Is the Rally Squirrel Blessing or Cursing the Twins? You Decide.

The Minnesota Twins have made a lot of news in 2019. The Bomba Squad. The greatest game of the season. Great defensive plays. All star pitchers. And now? A squirrel, dubbed by many as the Rally Squirrel, is streaking around Target Field.

For the second night in a row, the Rally Squirrel halted game action by running amok all over Target Field. Tuesday night, he entered the game by running through OF Max Kepler’s feet and causing so much chaos that the umps had to pause the game mid pitch. Some fans are (rightfully) amused by the little guy, calling for him to be the new unofficial mascot. (Sorry TC Bear! You’re still #1 in our hearts!)

On Monday night, the squirrel terrorized the Twins’ dugout. The look on Luis Arraez’s face at the beginning of the chaos is priceless. Miguel Sano was so freaked out that he straight up walked out of the dugout and stayed away from the pandemonium. Watch the fracas here:

He’s even got his own Twitter account:

Which has actually been around since Target Field’s inaugural year:

Since the emergence (resurgence?) of the Rally Squirrel, the Twins are 1-2, losing this series to the 3rd place White Sox. They were shut out 4-0 Wednesday afternoon, with Lucas Giolito tossing a complete game. The Rally Squirrel did NOT make an appearance on Wednesday – did this cause the loss? Or was Giolito just that good?

Many Twins fans went into this series confident that the team would make up quite a bit of lost ground over the Cleveland Indians, who have been nipping at their heels as of late. Cleveland didn’t play on Monday, as the Twins lost a half game in the standings dropping the first game of the White Sox series, and the Twins gained a game Tuesday as the Indians fell to the Mets. The Twins face Detroit next, and there’s no word on whether the Rally Squirrel plans on interrupting that series.

So, my friends.. what do you say?

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