Hunter Strickland Loses A Fight.. With Himself

In a bizarre weight room accident on Tuesday, Nationals pitcher Hunter Strickland managed to kick his own ass. While lifting weights at PNC Park, Strickland somehow knocked himself in the face with a bar bell. The blow caused him to black out and break his nose. Luckily for Hunter, the break was clean and is reportedly not causing any breathing issues.

Strickland was doing hip exercises with a squat rack when the accident happened. He had attached a mobility cord to the barbell to hold it steady, but apparently, it did nothing to help. On Wednesday, Strickland had this to say about the incident:

“I had no idea. I mean, I didn’t know what happened. Obviously, it hit me pretty good, so it kind of dazed me for a second there. After that, I looked up in the mirror and my nose was crooked and bleeding everywhere, and I just kind of put two and two together, and [realized] I got knocked out by a bar.’

“When I sat down on the ground to do the hip stuff, I went to reach up and grab the cord, but I guess one of the ropes still got hung behind it. And when I grabbed it, I guess my weight pulled the bar off and crushed me.”

Apparently, by 4 pm on Tuesday, x-rays had been taken, and doctors gave a bandaged up Strickland the ok to play on. He was ready and available to pitch, but wasn’t used in the 4-1 loss to the Pirates. He’s likely to avoid the IL completely.

Strickland was recently traded to the Nats from Seattle, after he had appeared in just 4 games for the Mariners this season. He missed the majority of the season with a strained right lat muscle, and posted a really sad 8.10 ERA before the trade. Since his trade, he’s appeared in 8 games and had a pretty impressive 1.29 ERA in 7 innings pitched, holding his opponents to a measly .174 batting average, racking up 5 strike outs, and giving up just 4 hits, 1 run, and 2 walks.

Hopefully with the scheduled return of Max Scherzer on Thursday, the 2nd place Nationals can give Strickland another day of rest. Currently leading the extremely tight NL Wild Card race, the Nats need all of their pitchers to stay as healthy as possible right now.

Fun fact: Strickland is not the first Nats pitcher to break his nose this season. Max Scherzer also broke his nose in June in a freak batting practice accident. Hopefully nobody else in DC decides to beat themselves up before the postseason.

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