8/26/19 – Weekend in Review: Blah Blah More Records, Tough Breaks, and Boy Bands

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

The Records Continue to Smash

This weekend, many of the baseball faithful kept an eye on the Yankees at Dodger Stadium for what was likely a preview of the 2019 World Series. Yawn. I mean.. do we really need to see the Yankees win a 28th championship? The Dodgers have made it to the Series 20 times in their history (including back in their Brooklyn days), including the last two years. Granted they haven’t actually won since 1988, but there is so much more to this country than just New York and Los Angeles, and the rest of us are getting a bit bored with these teams using the smaller markets as their AAAA farm systems and buying championships. Do we really need to see the Yankees playing on ESPN multiple times a week? There are other teams – good teams – out there in smaller markets that don’t get nearly as much love, but play spectacular baseball that is so fun to watch. Just watch the A’s, Rays, Rockies, Twins, Braves – these guys are making unbelievable plays, crushing homers, and playing post-season caliber baseball.. but nobody seems to care unless they live in those markets.

But I digress.

While the Yankees took on the Dodgers (and took the series 2-1, thus securing home field advantage in case of identical records), they managed to break another MLB record, in this, the year of records being demolished. DJ LeMahieu took the third pitch of the game deep, thus breaking the previous MLB record of 58 home runs hit in a single month. Teammates Aaron Judge and Mike Ford decided to put an exclamation point on the record by adding their own bombs against Clayton Kershaw, giving them 61 total for the month of August. Oh, and there are still a few games left to play this month.

On the ‘awwwwww’ front, Aaron Judge had promised a fan during BP that he’d hit one out for him during the game, so his 99th career moonshot on Sunday was actually pretty sweet. It’s really hard to dislike this guy, no matter how hard one might hate the Yankees. Check out his promise here:

Them’s the Breaks

Cleveland is trying SO hard to make the post-season. They seemingly refuse to lose since the All Star break. They closed the 11.5 game gap between themselves and the Twins for the lead in the AL Central earlier this month, even taking over first place for a hot second. They got rid of clubhouse cancer ace Trevor Bauer, but also beefed up their lineup with Yasiel Puig, and things seemed to be looking up up UP. They’re now back to a 3.5 game deficit, and things might not be looking as rosy now.

This weekend packed a few blows to the Indians in their quest to make the post season. There was already bad news in the form of Ace Corey Kluber being removed from his AAA rehab start on August 18th with an oblique strain. And now, a huge blow as 3B Jose Ramirez, and his 20 HR and his 24 stolen bases and his 75 RBI are done for the season. He broke his hand on Saturday, requiring surgery. Ramirez had a slow start to the season, but since the All Star break, he’s been straight-up fire, and has been a key player in the Indians’ resurgence in the division. The loss of his defense and his bat will definitely going to dampen their chances of taking the lead of the Central.

After being swept by the Mets earlier in the week, and losing their MVP caliber third baseman, Cleveland was desperate to play against a team like the 46-85 Kansas City Royals. They won the first two games of the series, but despite climbing back in the 9th on Sunday from the Royals 8-4 lead, the Tribe lost it 9-8 in the 10th. For now, they’re leading the AL Wild Card race, but the A’s and the Rays want it bad, and the three teams are all within a half game of the two Wild Card spots.

Players Weekend Brings Out Inner Boy Banders

It’s no secret that two of my favorite things in the world are the Minnesota Twins and the Backstreet Boys. So when the Twins bullpen posed in their players weekend all-white unis to recreate the cover from one of the greatest boy band albums of all time, I about died. I mean, Sergio Romo is almost a better AJ McLean than AJ himself with all of the tattoos and facial hair. Almost.

Other teams did the same thing – giving their best boy band poses in their all white uniforms. Behold, this “who wore it better?” Insta post from Reds 2B Derek Dietrich, comparing his teammates with *NSync. (You have to arrow over to see the OG photo from Justin Timberlake and crew):

And this “Marlinium” post from the Marlins:

It was good to see these guys having fun with these God-awful uniforms. The consensus among fans and players was that these unis had to be killed with fire. Seriously, for a weekend that is supposed to highlight the players and their individuality, what with putting nicknames on the back and letting them get crazy with custom cleats, losing their names and team logos in a sea of monochrome black and white seemed to have the opposite effect. But seriously, the shitty uniforms were 100% worth it once they did the boyband take.


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