Post Season Hunt: All the Magic Numbers Going Into This Weekend

As August winds down and everyone scrambles to soak up their last remaining days of summer, we are reminded that the end of summer also brings us one of the best times of the year: MLB post season.

Here’s a list of the teams that are still in the hunt and their magic numbers to clinch a post season spot/their divisions:

Division Leaders:

  • NY Yankees (88-47), Magic number: 17
  • LA Dodgers (88-48), Magic number: 9
  • Houston Astros (87-48), Magic number: 20
  • Minnesota Twins (82-51), Magic numbers: 26 to clinch AL Central/23 to clinch playoff spot
  • Atlanta Braves (81-54), Magic numbers: 24 to clinch NL East/19 to clinch playoff spot
  • St. Louis Cardinals (73-59), Magic numbers: 29 to clinch NL Central/27 to clinch playoff spot

Wild Card Leaders:

  • Cleveland Indians (79-55), Magic numbers: 26 for AL Central elimination/25 to clinch Wild Card. 28 games remaining.
  • Oakland A’s (77-56), Magic numbers: 20 for AL West elimination/28 to clinch Wild Card. 29 games remaining.
  • Washington Nationals (74-58), Magic numbers: 24 for NL East elimination/30 to clinch Wild Card. 30 games remaining
  • Chicago Cubs (72-61), Magic numbers: 29 for NL Central elimination/29 to clinch Wild Card. 29 games remaining.

There’s still a teensy chance:

via Gfycat

  • Tampa Bay Rays (77-58), Magic numbers: 17 for elimination in AL East/28 for elimination in Wild Card. 27 games remaining
  • Boston Red Sox (72-62), Magic numbers: 13 for elimination in AL East/24 for elimination in Wild Card. 28 games remaining.
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Magic numbers: 19 for elimination in NL East, 29 for elimination in Wild Card. 30 games remaining.
  • Milwaukee Brewers: (68-65), Magic numbers: 25 for elimination in NL Central/26 for elimination in Wild Card. 29 games remaining.

Better luck next year:

There are a few teams that have had such an abysmal season that they’ve already been knocked out of contention. Here’s a list of them, along with their records through this morning:

  • Detroit Tigers (39-92)
  • Baltimore Orioles (44-89)
  • Kansas City Royals (47-88)
  • Miami Marlins (48-85)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (54-81)
  • Seattle Mariners (57-78)
  • Colorado Rockies (59-76)

Any bets on how many of these teams will net 100 losses?

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