Felipe Vazquez Arrested for Child Solicitation and Other Awful Charges

Gross. There are plenty of other words I can use to describe Pittsburgh’s All Star pitcher, Felipe Vazquez, but for now ‘gross’ sums it up.

The Pirates’ closer has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl in Florida (she’s now 15). The girl’s mother found text, photos, and a video of Vazquez performing a sex act on her daughter’s phone, and sent him a message stating that her daughter was a minor. He was arrested today in Pittsburgh on a slew of charges including:

  • Solicitation of a child
  • Computer pornography
  • Providing obscene material to minors

Vazquez’s apartment was searched and several electronic devices were seized during his arrest. More charges will likely be forthcoming depending on what authorities find on those devices. His arraignment is scheduled for later today. Vazquez will likely be extradited to Lee County, Florida, where the girl resides to face charges there.

Following the arrest, the MLB has placed him on Administrative Leave and the Restricted List, pursuant to MLB’s joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy. According to the policy set forth by MLB and the MLBPA, a player can remain on leave up to seven days, but it can be extended if MLB and the MLB Players Association agree to it. For now, he’ll continue to be paid unless he’s convicted of a crime and his contract can be voided. For what it’s worth, under his current contract, he’s owed $5.25 million for 2020, $7.25 million for 2021, with $10 million options for 2022 and 2023.

The Pirates released a statement following his arrest:

‘Today we were made aware of an active law enforcement investigation involving Felipe Vázquez and his subsequent arrest,’ the statement read. ‘We take this matter, and these charges in particular, extremely seriously.

‘We have informed the Commissioner’s Office of the investigation and arrest. The Commissioner’s Office will immediately place Felipe Vazquez on Administrative Leave (and, as a result, Restricted List) pursuant to the Joint MLB/MLBPA Policy. We need to be respectful to all involved and the ongoing legal proceeding. As a result, the organization, our staff and players cannot comment any further at this time.’ 

Vazquez was highly sought after during trade season, and the Pirates were asking for a lot in return for him. They’re likely now kicking themselves for not pulling the trigger on a trade, despite his 28 saves, 90 strikeouts, and 1.65 ERA this season. Luckily (?) for Pittsburgh, their 65-85 record is keeping them far away from the postseason, so his arm isn’t really going to be missed at this point.

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