Pete Alonso: Rookie Phenom

Congratulations to Pete Alonso! The 24-year-old Mets rookie hit his (Majors leading!) 50th home run on Friday night, making him the 2nd man to hit 50 in their first year. Aaron Judge was the first rookie to 50 (actually 51) in 2017, but Pete is the first to do it in the same year as his debut. (For those that may be confused, Judge made his debut in 2016, but MLB has rules as to what qualifies as a rookie season, and Judge didn’t have his ‘rookie’ year until 2017.)

Alonso is the first player in Mets history to hit 50 home runs. The previous record of 41 was held by both, Todd Hundley and Carlos Beltrán. Pete also holds the Mets rookie records for hits (149 and counting), RBI (115 and counting), extra-base hits (81 and counting) and total bases (332). Let’s not forget he also beat Baby Vlad in the Home Run Derby.

This kid will (hopefully) have a monster career, and I, for one, am here for it. I may even have to root for the Mets next post season. Not this year, though. Despite their never-say-die attitude this season, they’re still 1.5 games behind the Cubs, who are 2 games behind the Brewers for the number 2 Wild Card spot. But next year? It’s on.