Nats Up 2-0.. Say Whaaaaaat?

If you’d have told me at the end of September that the Washington Nationals would not only make it to the World Series by blowing past the seemingly untouchable Dodgers and sweeping the ALCS in four games, but then being up two games on the Astros against Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander, I’d have thought you were high. But here we are.

I’ve found myself to be very impartial in this Series, because I don’t have an actual horse in this race. I love both of these teams. I think they both deserve to win. I wore an Astros shirt yesterday while simultaneously cheering for the Nationals. I don’t even know what I’m cheering for. It’s just really fun-to-watch baseball, and I am here for it.

I called this site Moonshots and Mustard for a reason. I intended for it to be not just about stats, recaps, and boring play-by-play. There is so much more to baseball than the box score. Yes, I bring that to you as well, because I also take baseball seriously. But I love to talk about the big moments (moonshots) and the extra fun stuff (mustard on top) that goes on with the game, so today I’m going to bring you the Moonshots and the Mustard of the first two games of the 2019 World Series.


Game One: Juan Soto’s Incredible Game

Juan Soto turns 21 tomorrow and can finally legally enjoy a beer to celebrate his incredible season and World Series debut. He took the virtually-unhittable-all-season-and-all-postseason Gerrit Cole deep in the fourth, and then nearly did it again in the sixth when he doubled off the wall. Look at where his moonshot landed:

Game One: George Springer Homers In His FIFTH Straight World Series Game

Dating back to 2017, George Springer hit home runs in five straight World Series games. His streak ended last night, in the 12-3 beatdown handed down by the Nats.

He narrowly missed a second dinger during the same game with an RBI double. The double should have been a triple, except Springer took a bit of time trotting away from the plate, thinking it was a home run, or according to him later, worried that Tucker was tagging up rather than going full speed ahead – so Springer couldn’t run past him.

Game Two: Stephen Strasburg’s WS Debut Is A Good One

I’ve been a Strasburg fan since he debuted in 2010. Back then, the Nats were a joke despite having talent like a then-38-year-old Pudge Rodriguez, slugger Adam Dunn, and Mr. National himself: Ryan Zimmerman (who back then was at 3B). They went an abysmal 69-93 in Stevie’s debut season, coming off of two straight 102 & 103 loss seasons, not having finishing .500 since 2005. But I knew this kid was going to do big things eventually, and now here he is, starting Game Two of the World Series. And his WS debut was fantastic, going six innings, giving up just two runs (see next item), and striking out seven.

Game Two: Alex Bregman’s Two Run Home Run

The only thing that wasn’t so good with Strasburg’s game was this beautiful bomb he gave up to Alex Bregman:

Game Two: The Nationals Break It Wiiiiiiide Open

The seventh inning started with Kurt Suzuki’s moonshot, and then pow pow pow pow pow! The Nats just hammered the Astros for five more runs in the inning. For good measure, they added three more in the eighth and another in the ninth.


Game One: Tacos For All!

Trea Turner’s stolen base in Game One spurred the famous “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promo from Taco Bell:

You can go steal your own taco from the bell on Wednesday, October 30th from 2-6 pm.

Game Two: Simone Biles Raises The Bar For All Future First-Pitches

Houston Native and highly decorated US gymnast Simone Biles started Game Two off with a crazy twisting back flip. She did this, while wearing prison pants jeans and having zero momentum going into said flip as effortlessly as me shoving chips and salsa into my mouth. She then tossed the ball to a waiting Astros’ outfielder Jake Marisnick, and had him sign the ball afterward.

Game Two: Justin Verlander Misfires – Into His Own Leg

Thankfully he was ok and was able to chuckle afterward, but Justin Verlander had a bit of a fielding boo-boo:

Game Two: Baby Shark Hugs Strasburg

Gerardo Parra goes in for a big ol’ bear (shark?) hug with Stephen Strasburg after his amazing pitching performance.

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