And Then There Was One

The Nationals are your 2019 World Series champions!

What a game. What a Series. The last seven games did not disappoint. I was wearing an Astros shirt this week while simultaneously cheering on the Nationals. Both of these teams were just so good all season, and they’re both stacked with players that I absolutely adore, so I am conflicted with feelings of joy, confusion and sadness right now. I’m so sad for the Astros and their fans, I’m ecstatic for the Nationals and their fans, and perplexed as to how neither home team managed to win one game during this seven game series.

Zack Greinke pitched 6 2/3 beautiful innings, giving up just two hits. Max Scherzer left the game after five innings, giving up seven hits and four walks, but somehow only giving up two runs. The Astros took an early lead in the second on a solo blast from Yuli Gurriel, and got another run in the fifth off an RBI single from Carlos Correa. With a one-hit shutout going, the Astros stuck with Grienke going into the seventh, despite having Gerrit Cole warming up during the sixth. Greinke gave up his second hit of the night in the form of the a solo shot to Anthony Rendon. He then gave up a walk to Juan Soto and left the game, hoping his relievers could finish what he started. The Astros brought in Will Harris who immediately gave up a two run homer to NLCS MVP Howie Kendrick, putting the Nats ahead 3-2. The Astros are probably kicking themselves for not bringing Cole in during the seventh (or eighth or ninth), but alas.. hindsight is 20-20.

Juan Soto hit an RBI single in the eighth, scoring Adam Eaton. And then Eaton hit a bases-loaded, two-run single in the ninth, making it 6-2. At this point, I turned to my husband and said that I hoped the Astros could tie it up in the ninth and take it to extra innings because I didn’t want this game/series/season to end. Or heck, a walkoff win would have been exquisite. But I also didn’t want the Nats to lose. I wanted to see Springer and Altuve go back to back with home runs.. and yet I was a little happy to see them get out. I got super excited to see Brantley just about hit a homer that barely hooked foul, because maybe the Astros could mount a four-run, two-out rally in the ninth.

And honestly it broke my heart a little to see Carlos Correa’s disappointed face and Jose Altuve with tears welling up in his eyes as the Astros lost. And then my heart was happy again seeing Ryan Zimmerman and the Series MVP Stephen Strasburg finally get a title after suffering through all those years of losing seasons. But the Nationals earned this. From their abysmal 19-31 start to the season to games they refused to lose, this was their year.

Congratulations, Washington! What. A. Season.

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