Game Six… Just… Wow

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You guys I don’t even know where to start.

Stephen Strasburg nearly had a complete game. Justin Verlander can’t seem to win a World Series game. Bregman homered again and then carried his bat along with him. The home team can’t win. We got one of the most questionable calls in World Series history. Dave Martinez had to be held back from committing murder on live TV. Anthony Rendon delivered a huge “F you” in response to the BS call.

So yeah. Where do I begin?

Stephen Strasburg’s Domination

Stephen Strasburg went 8 1/3 innings, giving up only five hits, two runs, walking just two, and striking out seven. The two runs he gave up were in the first inning – starting with a double by George Springer, who then advanced to third on a wild pitch. Jose Altuve hit a sac fly to score Springer, and then Alex Bregman hit his third home run of the Series. Bregman proceeded to carry his bat all the way down the first base line and people had thoughts. (He later apologized for his showboating ways).

Strasburg then calmed down and made some adjustments to his delivery – primarily he stopped tipping his pitches – to end the inning and go another seven-plus scoreless. He’s now 5-0 this post season. His opponent on the mound, Justin Verlander, has yet to win a World Series game, going all the way back to his appearances with the Tigers in 2006 and 2012, and with the (winning) Astros in 2017. He is now 0-6 in World Series appearances, which is mind blowing considering he is one of the best pitchers in the game.

The Home Team is 0-6

For the first time in any major league sport with a best of seven post season series – that’s over 1,400 professional post season games – the visiting team has won the first six games. Now I have said many times I wanted this Series to go to seven games.. but I feel so bad for the home crowds going home night after night, dejected and defeated.

The Astros won the 2017 World Series in Game Seven, on the road at Dodger Stadium. The Nationals took Game Five from the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium this season to advance to the NLCS, so they are equally capable of winning it all on the road. Both teams absolutely deserve to win, and will no doubt give us a game to remember, but sadly only one of them can walk away victorious.

Juan Soto Trolls Alex Bregman

The fifth inning brought us solo moonshots from Adam Eaton and Juan Soto, and it was Soto’s bomb that got the attention. After Bregman carried his bat down the first baseline after his first inning shot, Soto did the same.

And when asked about it later he said this:

Again, Twitter had some thoughts.

A VERY Questionable Call

The biggest moment of the night came in the seventh, when Trea Turner was called out by home plate umpire Sam Holbrook at first for interference:

Twitter has thoughts. I definitely have thoughts. Joe Buck had thoughts during the broadcast. All four of the Fox post game commentators – Kevin Burkhardt, A-Rod, Papi, and Big Hurt are all in agreement that umpire Sam Holbrook blew that call. It’s not reviewable because it’s a “judgement” call. So the umps then wasted four minutes “not reviewing” a call that isn’t reviewable. The whole thing left a lot of people scratching their heads – What happened? Why did they seemingly review an unreviewable call? Joe Torre, MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer explained the rule and what happened, but it was still viewed by everyone except the Astros as complete garbage. (According to my polls on Twitter and Facebook, as of the time I am writing this, most of you also agree that it was a terrible call.)

The one good thing that came from this horrible call was we got to see a fantastic manager ejection. We don’t get to see those nearly as often now that plays can be reviewed, and my God, we got a good show. Nats manager Dave Martinez, had to be restrained by a few people because he was so fired up and he was tossed. However, he did just undergo a heart procedure and someone should go check on him.

Anthony Rendon Avenges Trea Turner

With two outs in the seventh after the bullshit call interference call and a pop out by Eaton, Anthony Rendon avenged Turner with a home run to left, making it a 5-2 ballgame. Rendon then put an exclamation mark on the game with a two run double in the ninth. And this marked the final score of 7-2.

Had Rendon not gotten that home run in the seventh, the momentum shift of the interference call might have easily been the end of the Nationals season. But the Nats have been so resilient all season, and this was a testament to how they keep moving forward instead of wallowing in bad plays, losses, injuries, or any other obstacle they’ve faced.

We all thought the Astros would be a sure thing this Series, and both of these teams have given us one of the most exciting World Series in recent history. No matter who takes it all in Game Seven, both teams 100% deserve it.

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