11/4/19 – Weekend In Review – A Big Ol’ Parade, Stras Opts Out of DC, and Gold Gloves

Only a few days removed from the World Series, and I’m already counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (98 days and 10 hours, to be exact). Luckily, there’s enough baseball news to keep us entertained until then – free agency, awards, and all the other stuff to keep us somewhat engaged until February. For now, here’s what happened while we were sleeping off our World Series hangover.

The Nationals Had Themselves A Parade

As is custom after a championship win, the Nationals held their World Series parade on Saturday. Thousands of fans turned out to celebrate their beloved franchise’s first World Series championship. And for as entertaining as these guys were on the field all season, they’ve been just as entertaining off the field as well. Along with heartfelt speeches by manager Dave Martinez, Howie Kendrick, and Mr. National himself, Ryan Zimmerman, the team also provided a lot of light hearted moments.

A piece of the impassioned speech from Dave Martinez, in which he thanks the fans:

A clip from Kendrick’s speech. A little shade thrown at his ‘previous organization…’

Now, we’ve already seen 2nd baseman Brian Dozier’s love of the song “La Calma”. Dude seemed to have been stuck on repeat all day Saturday. The second video in which he rips off his shirt ends with him saying ‘my wife is going to kill me.’ No word if she has actually killed him yet.

Oh, and the guy that made headlines for double fisting his beers and catching a home run in the gut (his name is Jeff Adams) got his own float from Budweiser:

Strasburg Opts Out of the Rest of His Contract

Shortly after the parade, we got word that the Nats’ own Stephen Strasburg, who won the World Series MVP for his dominant pitching, opted out of the remaining four years/$100 million left on his contract. Strasburg is looking to test the free-agent market – a market that is going to be loaded with mega-aces like Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner.

This isn’t to say he’s going to leave the team that he just led to their first World Series victory, but he will likely get a big fat raise from the $25 million a year he was already supposed to get. His teammate, Max Scherzer, makes $30 million/year, and with Strasburg’s dominant 5-0 post season performance, he’ll likely get at least that, if not more. The Nationals are eager to keep him, and are apparently willing to work with him however they need to in order to keep him. However, the Nationals are also set to lose Anthony Rendon (arguably the other MVP of the WS) to free agency, and will have to come up with a boat load of cash to keep him as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up losing Rendon to a team willing to shell out more than the reported seven-year, $210 million deal they offered him toward the end of the season.

The teams that are usually able to throw the most money at big names (Yankees and Red Sox) are currently locked into some pretty hefty contracts with Aroldis Chapman and David Price, and may not be willing to spend the likely $35+ million per (many) year they’ll need to cough up to get Strasburg (or Cole). The question will be who will be able to set aside such a large amount of money for one pitcher, while also being able to have a contenting team around him. He’ll likely be wooed by teams like the Padres, Angels, or Dodgers, who will be looking to beef up their rotations, and already have some big names locked in. It’s going to be a very interesting off season in the free-trade market, that’s for sure.

Gold Gloves Were Awarded – See the List (and Snubs!) Here

American League:

  • 1B: Matt Olson, Oakland A’s
  • 2B: Yolmer Sanches, Chicago White Sox
  • SS: Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians
  • 3B: Matt Chapman, Oakland A’s
  • LF: Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals
  • CF: Kevin Kiermaier, Tampa Bay Rays
  • RF: Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox
  • C: Roberto Perez, Cleveland Indians
  • P: Mike Leake, Seattle Mairners (and later Diamondbacks – traded at deadline)

National League:

  • 1B: Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs
  • 2B: Kolten Wong, St. Louis Cardinals
  • SS: Nick Ahmed, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 3B: Nolan Aranado, Colorado Rockies
  • LF: David Peralta, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • CF: Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee Brewers
  • RF: Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • C: J.T. Realmuto, Philadelphia Phillies
  • P: Zack Greinke, P, Arizona Diamondbacks (Traded to Astros at deadline – and if you watched Game Seven of the World Series, you saw exactly why he won)

Snubs (at least in my opinion)

Hey, the guys that won are more than deserving, but there are some guys that also made quite the case to win as well. Some positions simply had an over-abundance of stellar fielding, but it’s hard to let some of these guys get passed over. Here is my list of guys that made a case to win as well – most were runners up, with the exception of Judge and Yelich.

  • Jose Altuve, 2B, Houston Astros
  • D.J. LaMahieu, 2B, New York Yankees
  • Anthony Rendon, 3B, Washington Nationals
  • Mike Trout, CF, Los Angeles Angels
  • Christian Yelich, LF, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Aaron Judge, RF, New York Yankees
  • Yadier Molina, C, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Jose Berrios, P, Minnesota Twins

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