All the BBWAA Award Finalists: Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year

The season has ended. The Gold Gloves have been awarded. And now it’s time to hear who the Baseball Writers’ Association of America have announced their finalist for baseball’s most coveted awards: Most Valuable Player, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year Awards. Voting took place at the conclusion of the regular season – meaning postseason performance does not factor into votes. The top three vote-getters for each award were announced on Monday night.

Here are the finalists for each award, when they’ll be announced, and who I think might be the winner. (I reserve the right to be 100% wrong in every case, so don’t @ me.)


American League:

  • Alex Bregman, Houston Astros
  • Marcus Semien, Oakland A’s
  • Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Who I think will take home the honor: Mike Trout. While Bregman led his team to the post season and ultimately the World Series, and Semien played every game this season, had the most at bats of any MLB players, Trout’s league leading OPS of 1.083 is hard to ignore. He’s been the best player in the American League for years.

National League:

  • Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals
  • Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers

Who I think will take home the honor: Ugh, this one is tough. Ultimately, I think it will be Cody Bellinger, though all three are very worthy of the title. Defensively, he already got a Gold Glove for the season, and his .305/.406/.629, 47 home runs, and 34 doubles are on par with the other two candidates, but he was just a bit better all around.

Winners will be announced Thursday, Nov. 14, 6 pm ET/5 pm Central, MLB Network


American League: 

  • Gerrit Cole, Houston Astros
  • Charlie Morton, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Justin Verlander, Houston Astros

Who I think will take home the honor: Gerrit Cole. I’ve already written about how he’s a contender for the award for the last few months. And I know that his post-season numbers don’t count in the voting, nor do they need to. This guy was a badass all year with an AL leading 2.50 ERA, 326 strikeouts and 20 wins, and will narrowly edge out his teammate Justin Verlander. He’ll have the Cy Young to add to his contract negotiations in the off-season and make the team that lands him very excited for 2020 and beyond (and very financially drained).

National League: 

  • Jacob deGrom, New York Mets
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals

Who I think will take home the honor: Hyun-Jin Ryu. The other two candidates have already won Cy Young awards, which I know isn’t a reason for Ryu to take home the honor. The reason I mention the previous wins is that they are both outstanding candidates. But Ryu’s 1.2 walks per nine was the best rate in all of MLB, as was his teeny tiny 2.32 ERA.

Winners will be announced Wednesday, Nov. 13, 6 pm ET/5 pm Central, MLB Network


American League:

  • Yordan Alvarez, Houston Astros
  • Brandon Lowe, Tampa Bay Rays
  • John Means, Baltimore Orioles

Who I think will take home the honor: John Means. The Orioles had a terrible year. Like, historically terrible. Their biggest headlines were Chris Davis trying to beat up his manager and how they only won 54 games all year. Twelve of those games – nearly a quarter of their wins in total – were won when John Means started. So while Alvarez was awesome and made it into the World Series, he had a harder time shining in a group of stellar players. And though Lowe made it to the All Star Game, he spent much of the second half on the IL and wasn’t able to help his team as much as he could have if he’d stayed healthy.

National League:

  • Pete Alonso, New York Mets
  • Mike Soroka, Atlanta Braves
  • Fernando Tatis Jr, San Diego Padres

Who I think will take home the honor: Pete Alonso. I’ve already talked about him eleventy-billion times over the last few months. He won the Home Run Derby. And he went on to beat Aaron Judge’s rookie home run record and led all of the majors with his 53 home runs. So while Soroka and Tatis had impressive seasons, they just didn’t make the noise that Alonso did.

Winners will be announced Wednesday, Nov. 11, 6 pm ET/5 pm Central, MLB Network


American League: 

  • Rocco Baldelli, Minnesota Twins
  • Aaron Boone, New York Yankees
  • Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay Rays

Who I think will take home the honor: Rocco Baldelli. All three of these guys led their teams to the post season, but Baldelli did it in his first year as a manager and led the Twins Bomba Squad to their first division championship in almost ten years. The Twins had been circling the drain with losing seasons, and ultimately fell short to the Yankees AGAIN in the post season, but what he did with this team was nothing short of magic.

National League: 

  • Craig Counsell, Milwaukee Brewers
  • Mike Schildt, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Brian Snitker, Atlanta Braves

Who I think will take home the honor: Brian Snitker. Again, all three of these guys led their teams to the post season, but there is something about Snitker’s management style that is just so… award worthy. He won the award last year, and maintained a high level of play from a team that was in the same division as the World Series champion Nationals, Phillies and Bryce Harper, and the Mets with Pete Alonso and some serious pitching.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, Nov. 12, 6 pm ET/5pm Central, MLB Network

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