2019 Silver Slugger Winners

Ah, November. The time where all the leaves are pretty much gone, it’s getting way too cold way too fast, and we dream of the time where we get to watch baseball in the sunshine. With the exception of maybe a few players re-signing with their current teams or being extended a new contract, there isn’t a whole lot to get amped about in November when it comes to baseball related stories. This must be the thinking behind staggering awards throughout the month of November because I have yet another list to present to you today.

The Silver Slugger Award is awarded annually to the best offensive player at each position in both the American League and the National League – determined by the coaches and managers of Major League Baseball. Basically, this list will be compiled of the guys that made most of the Moonshot Moments listed on this site over the last season. And now, I present to you the Silver Slugger award winners for 2019:


  • American League: Mitch Garver, Minnesota Twins – 311 AB, 31 HR, .273/.365/.630, 67 RBI. Can we just take a second to see what he did in about half the at bats of the rest of the guys on this list? Un. Freaking. Real. With 31 homers and 67 RBI, if he’d played every day, he’d likely be an MVP candidate. Fun Fact: Garver hit the record breaking 268th home run of the season (the Twins went on to set the new record of 307 in a single season).
  • National League: J.T. Realmuto, Philadelphia Phillies – 538 AB, 25 HR, .275/.328/.493, 83 RBI. He already took home a Gold Glove earlier this week, and this is his second Silver Slugger.

First Base

  • American League: Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians – 573 AB, 34 HR, .281/.397/.515, 93 RBI. Despite his year-after-year badassery, this is Santana’s first Silver Slugger.
  • National League: Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves – 597 AB, 38 HR, .295/.389/.489, 121 RBI. He won the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year award earlier this week, and now Freeman can add a Silver Slugger to his resume.

Second Base

  • American League: D.J. LeMahieu, New York Yankees – 602 AB, 26 HR, .327/.375/.518, 102 RBI. The All-Star second baseman is earning his first Silver Slugger in his ninth season – the first season in the AL/with the Yankees. He had a career high 26 home runs this season.
  • National League: Ozzie Albies, Atlanta Braves – 640 AB, 24 HR, .295/.352/.500, 86 RBI. In just his third year in the bigs, Albies led the National League in at bats (640) and hits with 189.

Third Base

  • American League: Alex Bregman, Houston Astros – 554 AB, 41 HR, .296/.423/.592, 112 RBI. Bregman’s Majors-leading 119 walks contributed to his high on base percentage. He was tied for 7th in all of MLB in home runs hit this season (along with Nolan Arenado, Nelson Cruz, Ronald Acuña Jr.). It’s no surprise he’s up for MVP as well.
  • National League: Anthony Rendon, Washington Nationals – 545 AB, 34 HR, .319/.412/.598, 126 RBI. Rendon led all of MLB in RBI (126) and the National League with 44 doubles. Hands down, he was one of the biggest impacts on the World Series champion Nationals, and is also up for league MVP.


  • American League: Xander Bogaerts, Boston Red Sox – 614 AB, 33 HR, .309/.384/.555, 117 RBI. This is Bogaerts’s third Silver Slugger award, and he had his best season yet when it came to career highs in doubles (52), HR (33), and RBI (117).
  • National League: Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies – 588 AB, 35 HR, .294/.363/.554, 85 RBI. This is Story’s second Silver slugger, having won it last season as well. The super-speedy Story had 38 doubles and 5 triples on the season.


  • American League: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 470 AB, 45 HR, .291/.438/.645, 104 RBI. Trout led the AL in OPS (1.083) and all of MLB in OBP (.438). Oh, and his season ended a month early. This is his seventh Silver Slugger (winning every eligible season he’s played except 2017 and we’ll find out next week if he wins his third MVP award.
  • American League: George Springer, Houston Astros – 479 AB, 39 HR, .292/.383/.591, 96 RBI. This is Springer’s second Silver Slugger award, despite missing a good chunk of games this season to injury. Imagine if he’d played in the 40 games he missed? Based on the numbers he put up, he could have hit 50+ home runs and gotten an additional 25+ RBI. #Beastmode (Is Beast Mode still a thing the kids say?)
  • American League: Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox – 597 AB, 29 HR, .295/.391/.524, 80 RBI. Betts led all of MLB with his 135 runs scored. This is his third Silver Slugger.
  • National League: Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers – 558 AB, 47 HR, .305/.406/.629, 115 RBI. No shock here, though surprisingly his 1.035 OPS wasn’t even the highest in the league.
  • National League: Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers – 489 AB, 44 HR, .329/.429/.671, 97 RBI. Despite ending the season early with a fractured kneecap, Yelich’s .671 slugging and 1.100 OPS led all of MLB, his .329 BA and .429 OBP led all of the NL. It’s no surprise he’s up for MVP again after winning the title last year.
  • National League: Ronald Acuña Jr., Atlanta Braves – 626 AB, 41 HR, .280/.365/.518, 101 RBI. Acuña led the NL in total runs with 127, plate appearances (715), and stolen bases (37).

Designated Hitter/Pitcher

  • American League (DH): Nelson Cruz, Minnesota Twins – 454 AB, 41 HR, .311/.392/.639, 108 RBI. Fun Fact: His 40th homer of the season was also number 400. Cruz, the veteran leader of the Bomba Squad, will be returning to the Twins lineup for 2020.
  • National League (Pitcher): Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks – 50 AB, 3 HR, .280/.308/.580, 8 RBI. Though he was traded to the Astros at the deadline, Greinke did enough offensively through the first half of the season to earn the Gold Glove for the NL pitchers and now the Silver Slugger. And for a pitcher to get these batting stats, he’s pretty badass – especially when you consider that this is his second Silver Slugger nod.

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