Rookies of the Year 2019

Shocking absolutely nobody, the winners of this year’s Rookie of the Year honors went to Pete Alonso (NL – Mets) and Yordan Alvarez (AL – Astros). (Though I won’t lie, I thought maybe John Means might get the AL RoY because the Orioles needed to have at least one bright spot in their awful season).

Pete Alonso absolutely dominated when it came to crushing moonshot after moonshot this year. Not only did he win the Home Run Derby, but he also made the entire season his home run-filled bitch. With his grand total of 53 homers on the season, Pete set a team record – crushing the previous record of 41 hit by his new manager Carlos Beltran in 2006 and Todd Hundley in 1996. Oh, and he also passed the record for home runs hit by a rookie (Aaron Judge, 2017). AND. He led the entirety of Major League Baseball for home runs. IN. HIS. ROOKIE. SEASON. He also managed to eek out thirty doubles and two triples.

Alvarez was the unanimous winner for the American League. After joining the Astros in June, he played in a total of 87 games, and in 313 at-bats, he managed to hit 27 home runs, knock in 78 RBI and had a whopping slash line of .313/.412/.655. For those that don’t want to do the math, that’s a 1.067 OPS. And for those that don’t know/care about stats? Well, let’s just say that’s REALLY good. For a player to shine in his rookie season among teammates like Anthony Bregman, George Springer, Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Carlos Correa to name a few, he’s got to be pretty freaking special.

Congratulations to both of these guys! It will (hopefully) be so fun to watch what they do over the next 10+ seasons.

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