Gary Sheffield Wants You to Know He’s Still Got It

It’s that time of year. MLB doesn’t have a ton going on news-wise. Sure, we get a smattering of random contract signings or off-season injury updates, but I’m not one to waste my time writing about the latest free agency rumors unless they’re credible. So, unless there’s something really newsworthy, Moonshots and Mustard won’t really report on much during the offseason, unless it’s an event to tell you about (like the Justin Morneau Coat Drive event this weekend), a big ol’ moonshot moment or some extra mustard.

Behold: Some mustard giving us some baseball to hold us over until we get to all the free agent signings and Spring Training news.

Gary Sheffield hasn’t played in the bigs since 2009. He played for 22 years for a bunch of teams (Brewers, Padres, Marlins, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, Tigers, and lastly the Mets), and is 26th on the all time home run hitter list with 509. He’s a nine-time all star, a World Series Champion (with the Marlins in 1997), and five-time Silver Slugger. He’s been on the Hall of Fame ballot for 5 years running (though, with just 13.6% of votes last year, his chances aren’t looking that great).

So it’s no wonder that the 51-year-old Sheffield can still swing a bat. He would like you to know that despite his 10 years away from The Show, he can still crush a baseball – even while smoking a cigar – as demonstrated by posting this little clip on Instagram on Monday night:

Not sure if he’s angling for a comeback or trying out for an old-man softball league, but in between puffs of the cigar, but ol’ dude really can still crush a baseball.

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