The Nationals Marry Stephen Strasburg

It’s official: Stephen Strasburg is staying put.

After winning the Nationals their first World Series championship this past season, Strasburg opted out of the remaining four years/$100 million in his previous 7 year/$175 million contract, and got himself a nice fat raise. Now? He’s got himself a record breaking deal for a pitcher with a seven-year/$245 million contract – which amounts to about $35 million/year.

For funsies, if you break it down, based on his 2019 regular season stats, $35 million would be:

  • $1,060,000 per start (33 in 2019)
  • $167,464 per inning (NL Leading 209 in 2019)
  • $139,442 per strikeout (251 in 2019)
  • $1,944,444 per win (NL Leading 18 in 2019)
  • $5,833,333 per loss (6 in 2019)
  • $217,391 per hit given up (161 in 2019)
  • $1,458,333 per home run given up (24 in 2019)
  • $625,000 per walk given up (56 in 2019)

The new deal also includes an iron-clad no-trade clause. Basically, the 31-year-old Stevie is going to be a Nat for life. He was drafted by the Nationals in 2009 with the first overall pick, and debuted in DC at age 21 back in 2010 with FOURTEEN strikeouts in his first game. He lasted just a couple of months that season before having to go out for Tommy John surgery. He came back in late 2011 and for the most part, he’s been one of the best pitchers in the National League for years. Fight me. Despite injuries and minor setbacks, in his ten years in the majors, he’s got 1,675 strikeouts, an ERA of 3.17, 112 wins and just 58 losses.

After going 5-0 in the post season and being named the World Series MVP, it would have been a huge blow to Nationals fans to lose one of their favorites. There’s already/still the question of whether the Nats can try to retain their other candidate for World Series AND National League MVP – Anthony Rendon. The Silver Slugger winning All Star third baseman is currently one of the highest ranked free agents on the market, and after making $18 million last year, the 29-year-old Rendon will likely get himself a multi-year deal with a big fat raise himself.

Merry early Christmas, Nationals fans!

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