The Red Sox Get Buyer’s (Seller’s) Remorse

Remember the other day when news broke about former MVP Mookie Betts being traded to the Dodgers in a massive three-team deal? Turns out, it’s not quite a done deal after all.

The deal went like this:

  • Red Sox trade Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers
  • Dodgers send the young Alex Verdugo to the Boston outfield
  • Dodgers send veteran pitcher Kenta Maeda to Minnesota
  • Minnesota sends flame throwing Brusdar Graterol to Boston

Outside of this trade, the Dodgers kept going. With an extra outfielder on their hands, they turned and dealt Joc Pederson to the Angels. In return, the Angels sent Luis Rengifo to the Dodgers infield.

But now, the Red Sox are getting cold feet, seemingly because Graterol might not be the arm they needed to replace Price’s. He’s already had and recovered from Tommy John surgery at age 18, and at age 21 he might not be the starter they need him to be. Graterol rose quickly through the Minnesota farm system last year before appearing in a few games at the end of the season (and the very short Minnesota post season). He has a 102 mph fastball that makes him extremely hard to hit. There are some “medical concerns” on Boston’s side now, as Graterol had a bit of a shoulder issue over last season.

In my tiny, unsolicited opinion, the real issue here is that Boston gave up arguably their biggest star, and they’re getting two young guys in return that are virtually unknown. They don’t have the same star power that Betts and even the struggling Price had – and less star power probably means less ticket sales. They should be rejoicing that they cleared out near $50 million per year in payroll, and that they found a team dumb enough willing to take David Price’s massive contract and lackluster performance lumped in a trade for Betts. They need to make a trade to a team willing to rent Betts for a year, as he will be a free agent at the end of the 2020 season. The Dodgers are that team, desperate for the World Series win they believe they should have had over the last few years. Both Graterol and Verdugo are in their early 20’s, and have the potential to be All Star caliber players as they grow up. Or? They could completely shit the bed and flame out of the majors before they’re 25. With any trade or signing, there are always going to be a risk that the guys they add to their rosters aren’t going to pan out.

All three teams made really good deals for what they need and want. If anything, the Dodgers – the team that got Betts and seemingly the best deal – might be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot for giving up one of their lone remaining starting pitchers. They lost Ryu and Hill to free agency, and only have Kershaw and Buehler if/when they give up Maeda to Minnesota. Boston is asking for more from the Twins or the Dodgers in return now, citing the aforementioned medical concerns regarding Graterol. If you ask me, the Twins are in a pretty good position to make a separate trade with the Dodgers if they really have their hearts set on Maeda, and the Dodgers can give up another prospect to Boston instead.

Or, the trade could just not go through, the Twins can roll the dice and try Graterol in their own rotation and Boston can sit and stew over being stuck with Price again. Boston had plenty of time to weigh out the options thrown at them for Betts, and it’s not like they’re being stiff armed into this (or any other) deal. Quit whining and make the trade already. Spring training starts in a few days. (YAY!)

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