A Review of All The Baseballing Over the Last Two Weeks


Yes, I’m still alive. Facebook sent the dumb alert to tell me that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I also noticed that I’ve had a lot of hits on the ‘latest’ posts page, presumably from readers looking to see if I’ve posted anything new. Spoiler: I haven’t. My bad. And there’s been so much going on in baseball! Spring Training! Contract Extensions! Injuries! And yet, my keyboard has been strangely quiet despite how excited I am about baseball and all the baseball things. Why? Because the effing flu, that’s why.

Before you @ me with lectures about the flu: Yes I wash my hands like mad. Yes I got a shot. Yes I got meds right away. But for the first time in years, the shot failed me and I still got my ass kicked six ways to Sunday. And while being a lazy lump of crap in bed might sound like the perfect place to be able to write about all the baseball, it turns out that I just wanted to sleep. The end result is that it has taken me a bunch of time to catch back up on work and life. Sadly, Moonshots & Mustard (and my new friends at Twinkie Town) had to take a backseat to things while I regained my footing in the land of the living.

I’d like to say that I’m still going to do all of the season previews I have planned, and that I want to write individual posts for each of the baseball news items that I’ve missed over the last couple of weeks. Truth is? Eh. By the time I’d get around to them, it’d all be old news. I’ll probably do some modified spring previews, probably by division now rather than individual teams. And you know what? It’s my website and my blog so I can make the rules.

Due to my lack of time and lack of rest and lack of brain space, rather than write a bajillion different lengthy posts about different news items, I have summarized the baseballiest things on which I feel like the interwebs needs my thoughts. (Yes, baseballiest is now a word. Tell the others.) Below, you can find a list of my latest posts:

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What say you, readers? Leave a comment below.