Chicago White Sox Put a Ring on Yoan Moncada

I should clarify.. The White Sox put a *metaphorical wedding ring* on Yoan Moncada.. NOT a World Series Ring. That should go without saying. But I know I’ll get some comment from someone who only read the headline and not the whole story that says “hey, dumbass! The Sox didn’t win the World Series!” But I digress.

Let’s start this again. The White Sox and Yoan Moncada have apparently agreed to a five-year, $70 million deal with an option year potentially bringing the deal to $90 million. Twenty-four year old Moncada would have been arbitration eligible in 2021 and could have tested free agency in 2024. The Sox third baseman was one of the few bright spots in their ho-hum, 3rd place 2019 season, hitting .315 with 25 homers and 34 doubles.

The Sox, fed up with mediocrity, beefed up their roster for 2020 over the off season. They signed guys like veteran catcher Yasmani Grandal, brought back first baseman Jose Abreu, Edwin Encarnacion as DH, and pitcher Dallas Keuchel to join SS Tim Anderson, LF Eloy Jimenez, pitchers Lucas Giolito and Gio Gonzalez to name a few. They signed the highly regarded prospect Luis Robert to a six-year/$50 million deal, hoping that he’ll pan out to be the superstar they’re predicting him to be. Who knows.. The Sox might actually be more of a threat to the Twins and Indians this season than they’ve been in the last few years. Maybe. Possibly. I don’t know. You’ve seen the Twins lineup, right?

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