A-Rod and J-Lo Are Actually… Likable?

You guys. I normally roll my eyes at most things A-Rod. But dammit he’s starting to grow on me like a fungus.

First, he actually thawed my cold anti-A-Rod heart a bit the other day when he owned his suspension. And now this:


##LateNight Tik Toks đź’Żđź’Ż @jlo ##waitforit

♬ original sound – arod13

Not going to lie, I was wishing the flip of A-Rod’s dance lasted a bit longer.

When I first saw the video, I did start to roll my eyes because it seemed they were doing their typical attention whoring, with Jennifer Lopez looking smoking hot and doing some seriously sexy dance moves. But then… the flip happened and I about choked on my coffee.

Well played, A-Rod. Well. Played.

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