All Quarantine and No Baseball Makes Me a Dull Girl


I feel that I need to write something, anything about baseball, since that’s what I do. The only real baseball news has been stuff like players hosting virtual workouts with fans a la Nelson Cruz, or Nolan Arenado writing about these troubling times, or Trevor Bauer wanting to put on a charity whiffle ball game, or Chris Sale needing Tommy John surgery – which PS, I told you would be happening, so it’s not even real news. Right now I SHOULD be writing about the end of Spring Training and exhibition games and how opening day is just a couple of days away. Now I’ve changed the date to five years from now on the tracker on the website because OMG IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE FOREVER UNTIL IT COMES BACK.

I could go down the rabbit hole of despair during this time of self isolation and no sports, but I’m actively trying to look for some silver linings to keep me sane these days. Thankfully there have been classic baseball games being shown on MLB Network and Fox Sports. I have a DVD set of the 1991 World Series that I now have time to watch – and to show my kids the greatest Series of my lifetime (minus the 2019 World Series since it was sort of tarnished with the Astros maybe possibly having cheated their way there…).

I could be (and am a little) angry that I’m not going to the Twins home opener next week. I have tickets for games throughout the entire season in my MLB wallet and I have no idea whether they’ll be played at all. But when I really think about how much this all sucks right now, I remember that we are doing this to make sure there is a baseball season next year because players stayed healthy, and that fans are in the seats because they didn’t die. Sure, it might be a bit of an extreme statement to say that players or fans might get sick and die since the numbers of people that actually get critically ill and/or die from COVID-19 is relatively small compared to the numbers that show no symptoms, or get sick but not critical but What IF?

What if your favorite player got hit particularly hard and died from pneumonia? Young, healthy people can and do get sick, even though they aren’t as likely to get sick. What if some of the older managers and coaches got sick from a non-symptomatic player and they died? This is the kind of thing that the world is being put on hold for right now.

So until we get to be in the warm summer sun, sitting in our favorite stadiums watching our teams hit dingers over the fence, we can at least enjoy the classic games that made us love the game as much as we do. Maybe watch our favorite baseball movies like The Natural, A League of Their Own, Sandlot, Major League, or Bull Durham. Bring our kids out to the backyard to work on their pitching. We can, and will, get through this… and when we do, Opening Day is going to be fucking spectacular.

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