CC Sabathia is Super Ripped, Y’all

Covid lockdown is in full swing. Organized sports are on hold. Gyms are closed. Netflix and the Jordan documentary are keeping us glued to our couches. Food is one of the only things we can currently shop for out in public that is also a source of comfort. So while the rest of us have been steadily gaining the Covid-19, CC Sabathia is apparently doing quarantine all wrong.

You guys. This is the same CC that preferred to tip the scales around 300 pounds. Yes, I said preferred. Why? Because when he’d lose weight it would take the oomph out of his fastball. He’d lost weight on and off throughout his career for health reasons, but his fastball would suffer for his health. Now that he’s retired, he can take off the weight and let his body be what it wants to be.

A much larger than now CC Sabathia leaving his final game during the ALCS October 2019, after his shoulder damn near fell off.

I hesitated even posting this, because CC (and every human) is much more than a number on a scale. I don’t want to fat shame him or anyone, nor do I want to say that a mega-buff CC is any better than a supersized CC. But I saw this pic of him and was like holy shit, is this even the same guy we saw just retire? One often thinks of retirement as a time to take it easy, so you’d think that retirement + quarantine would be a perfect time for CC to take a moment and just chill. Guess not.

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