Need a Hotel? Spend the Night at a Ballpark Instead

It’s day 59,203,320,023 of quarantine and no baseball. Without games being played, there’s not a whole hell of a lot for me to write about these days. I really don’t want to keep writing about maybe possibly what-if we get a baseball season – the owners and players can work that out on their own. And if/when they do come to an agreement about a season, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I scrounge the interwebs to read about baseball related things that aren’t pure conjecture about getting a season, or the outcomes of simulated games. This site is called Moonshots and Mustard for a reason. And while there are definitely no Moonshots to talk about, there’s been a fair amount of Mustard.

And so mustard I shall bring to you, my faithful readers.

Teams and ballparks are having to get creative to generate revenue during these times. You may have already heard that the Twins AA-affiliate Pensacola Blue Wahoos have turned their stadium into a disc golf course during the pandemic shutdown. But did you know that you can now rent the whole stadium for the low-low price of $1,500 per night? That’s right, my friends. If you’re visiting Pensacola and don’t want to stay in a hotel, you can hit Airbnb and rent out an entire ballpark for an evening.

Amenities include access to the batting cages and field (and yes, you can hit and play catch), the clubhouse, three bathrooms, and a bedroom that sleeps ten (four bunk beds and two queen beds). Bats, balls, and helmets are provided for guests that want to play, video games, tv, wifi, and ping pong will keep you occupied when you’re not busy running the bases. Tours are available, along with food packages (which would cost you extra). There will be a staffer on duty to make sure you don’t burn the joint down to ensure your stay is magical.

So… anyone have a spare $1,500 I can borrow?

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