Your Turn: Do You Think We’ll *Really* See A 2020 Season?

Baseball fans, rejoice!(?) Major League Baseball is set to return sometime around July 24 or 26… or is it?

When it was announced on Monday night that MLB would be returning at the end of July after a total shutdown in March due to coronavirus and a painfully long standoff between the owners and the players, baseball fans everywhere had mixed reactions to the news. Some fans have completely soured on the game, players, and/or owners due to the inability to agree on player salaries. Some fans think that a sixty game season isn’t enough to be meaningful. Some fans think that games played in empty stadiums won’t be exciting. Some fans already had lost interest in the game after the cheating scandal had resulted in what was viewed as either too harsh or not enough punishments being doled out to teams (allegedly) involved. And some fans are skeptical that a season will even really begin as news of positive Covid-19 tests keeps popping up around multiple teams. To date, the Phillies, Red Sox, Giants, Angels, Astros, Rockies, Tigers, Mariners, Blue Jays, Yankees, Marlins, Cubs, Reds, Rangers, Twins, and Indians have all had reported positive tests or symptomatic staff, players, or visitors in their organizations.

So now I turn the sounding board to you, readers. What are your thoughts?

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