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Dodgers’ Joe Kelly Suspended For Eight Games

Bench clearing brawls just aren’t the same during a pandemic. Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly has earned himself a little rest for the next week or so, after it was clear he was throwing at the Astros on Tuesday Night. The Dodgers are understandably probably still upset about that stolen 2017 World Series, so it wasn’t completely unexpected that they’d bean

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7/27/20 – weekend in review: Jays Find a Home, Moonshots Galore, Verlander’s (Season Ending?) Injury, and a Dodgers Fan Lost Their Head

Blue Jays Finally Find A Home Remember when the Canadian government denied the Blue Jays from hosting home games in Toronto with less than two weeks before their Home Opener? Well, the team can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as they’ve officially decided that they’ll be playing at a minor league park in Buffalo. Unfortunately, the park will need

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Marlins are the first team to succumb to covid – Home Opener Cancelled

Well, that didn’t take long. We’re just a couple of days into the season, and we’ve got our first cancelled game thanks to the coronavirus. The Marlins had already postponed their trip home from Philadelphia yesterday due to four players testing positive, but now the total of players and staff with positive tests has reached fourteen. This many positive tests

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