Trevor Bauer Trolls the Astros

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll probably realize that Reds’ pitcher Trevor Bauer has pretty much become one of my favorite baseball social media follows and topics of conversations.

Bauer hasn’t been shy about his feelings about the Astros and the cheating scandal, and today he decided to troll the ‘Stros a bit with his choice of t-shirt:

The caption makes it sounds like he could be referring to coronavirus testing. At first glance, if you’re casually scrolling by, the photo is Bauer in the clubhouse, wearing a mask. But when you look at the photo, his shirt is clearly trolling the Astros, with a photo of the World Series trophy affixed on top of a trash can, with the caption Trash Town, and 2017 Chumps rather than champs.

Looks like the delay of season hasn’t erased the scandal from everyone’s minds after all.

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