Shocking Nobody, There Won’t Be An All Star Game This Season

The 2020 All Star Game was originally to be held at Dodger Stadium on July 14th, and became yet another casualty of the coronavirus.

The announcement came on Friday that there won’t be an MLB All Star game in 2020. Most people assumed as much already, but it is now official. MLB said that the Dodgers will have their chance to host in 2022 instead. This would have been the first time the Dodgers hosted the Midsummer Classic since 1980.

Considering the lengthy delay to the start of the season (and basically the entire world), the cancellation comes as no surprise. With just 60 games to play from July 23 to September 27, trying to cram an All Star break in there wouldn’t be a feasible option. The postseason is tentatively set to start on September 29th, and could potentially go through October 28th.

Whether fans will even get to enjoy an entire season through the end of October is already a really big IF, so trying to plan an extra game just wasn’t going to happen. Players are already starting to opt out of the season, and there may be more down the line. Mike Trout, who would have surely been an All Star, is still nervous to play at all as his wife is expecting their first child in August. And as players are already playing under heightened health protocols including things like not shaking hands and not dressing or showering in the locker rooms, the very notion of mixing up teams to form an All Star team seems like a terrible idea.

This will be the first time the All Star Game won’t be played since 1945, when World War II travel restrictions caused the cancellation. That season still had an All-Star break, but no players were selected to any All-Star teams. During the break, eight interleague exhibition games were played to raise funds to support the American Red Cross and the National War Fund.

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