Marlins are the first team to succumb to covid – Home Opener Cancelled

Well, that didn’t take long.

We’re just a couple of days into the season, and we’ve got our first cancelled game thanks to the coronavirus. The Marlins had already postponed their trip home from Philadelphia yesterday due to four players testing positive, but now the total of players and staff with positive tests has reached fourteen. This many positive tests counts as a full blown outbreak, and may impact the Marlins schedule beyond today’s cancelled home opener.

There isn’t a lot of information available at this time as to which players have tested positive, whether any are showing symptoms, what the team’s next steps are, or how MLB will handle cancelled games like this. Does this mean a forfeiture of the game if it can’t be made up? There are only six off days in this short season for teams, so does this mean constant double headers if they have to cancel/postpone multiple games? Does the team have enough replacements on their 60-man roster to cover those that are unable to play? What happens if the Phillies go down next?

Hopefully this doesn’t derail the season just a few days in. Stay tuned for updates, they’ll likely be rolling in aplenty.

****** UPDATE ******

The Yankees/Phillies matchup for this evening has also been postponed due to concerns about the Phillies and their possible exposure.

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