There’s SO much baseball right now. And I don’t Even care.

Why hello there, readers! Yes, I’m still alive! Yes, I still love baseball. No, I haven’t written in almost a month, and even then, there had been a bit of a gap between news and posts.

Allow me to explain.

The 2019 season was fucking spectacular. Home runs were being hit left and right. The pitching we were seeing (despite the home runs) was straight filthy. Records were shattered and milestones were reached. Superstars were, uh, super-starring. The post season was one of the best in years. Underdogs won the World Series. There was so much to write about, and the baseball world was so fun to follow that I didn’t care that I was writing about baseball more than doing my real job some days.

<Cue the record scratch>

Then came the drama of the Astros cheating scandal, which dominoed (is that a word?) to the Red Sox and Yankees (who, btw, managed to totally get away unscathed). Then MLB commissioner Rob Manfred kept saying dumb and dumber things. Then came a global pandemic to halt Spring Training. THEN the season was delayed. AND THEN the league and the MLBPA couldn’t agree on a Goddamn thing and we didn’t start the season until the end of July.

So you may have noticed, going all the way back to February, that my posts were getting fewer and farther between. First, I was sick for a couple of weeks with what was likely Covid – which I wrote about once I was better, still thinking it had been the flu – and I didn’t feel like writing or even getting out of bed for a while. Once I was feeling better, Spring training was in full swing, and BAM! Baseball (and the entire world) shutdown for what we hoped would just be for a couple of weeks. I am not a fan of writing about speculation or making up stupid lists for the sake of making stupid lists when my time (and yours!) is valuable – though this time waster was probably my favorite post EVER. Since there wasn’t a whole lot going on in baseball except for the mustard and the never-ending headlines about Covid, I didn’t have much to write about . Plus, I don’t really make any money writing here, and the readers apparently are here mostly looking for naked photos of Christian Yelich. I shit you not, the post about him posing nude for the ESPN Body Issue gets so many hits every day STILL over a year later. WTAF.

But I digress.

The dumpster fire that we called negotiations between the owners and the MLBPA got old after a while, and frankly, they were hard to follow. Once we finally got a season start date, and teams started returning to camp, we were cautiously optimistic that we’d see a season. Then a couple of teams went down with the ‘rona. I thought for sure once the Marlins and Cardinals went down, the season was fucked. But no! MLB actually did something right for the first time all year! They corrected course, and managed to get the 60 game season done! And there were lots of things I SHOULD have written about because of what Moonshots and Mustard is: a place to bring you the awesome and absurd. Take, for instance, the guy that leisurely strolled into Miller Park, stole a tractor, and tried to write his name on the field:

I mean, my God, if there’s ever been a mustard-ey story for me to give you, it was this!

To be honest, once we got the season underway, I had a hard time sitting down with the ol’ MacBook and bringing you the news and takes I once loved to bring you. For one, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Writing about baseball is not my only job. I mean, it would be amazing if it was, but in this day and age of making sure we still have jobs and also having my kids home ALL.THE.TIME, by the time I had a moment to watch baseball, it was pretty much only going to be the Twins. Now, they’re fun and all, but there are 29 other teams to write about and it wasn’t going to be my top priority to watch them, let alone write about them, while life has been turned upside down. And then the Twins shit the bed were the first team out of the postseason AGAIN and I basically lost my will to live to watch any more baseball this season. Which sucks, by the way, because there are some really exciting teams that made the post season – the Padres, Reds, A’s, Jays, Rays were all teams I wanted to root for… and that stupid extended postseason format that Manfred has been trying to push on us even before Covid knocked out three of the teams I liked before I could even turn on the TV. I mean, how is it that the Twins could win the AL Central and not even be in the ALDS?

However exciting the 2020 baseball season has been for many teams, I have not been able to get my hopes up enough to really care or write much. I mean, the postseason games have been SO exciting. Eight playoff games in one day? Normally I’d say “Yes please!”, but this year I just felt like it wasn’t much to write home (write internet? write blog?) about. Short season. Not getting to go to a game IN PERSON. Stupid playoff format with teams not even playing .500 ball getting their crack at the title. And there’s a good chance we’ll get the Dodgers/Yankees matchup that the national media has been chomping at the bit to see. Yawn.

No, I’m not depressed, so please don’t worry about me. Baseball just kind of shot itself in the foot with me and I’m not feeling it this season. So unless the postseason sees a really unlikely matchup like the perennially basement dwelling Marlins against the A’s, I probably won’t be bringing you much else for baseball this season. And that’s fine. Remember the line from the movie “Fever Pitch” where Jimmy Fallon’s student asked “You love the Sox, but have they ever loved you back?” So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, just know that I’m here, waiting for baseball to love me back.

What say you, readers? Leave a comment below.