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Rick Porcello is Pissed, Y’all

Boston pitcher Rick Porcello has been one of the better pitchers on the mound over the last 10 years, and even won the Cy Young Award in 2016. Lately, however, he’s had a rough go of things. 30-year-old Porcello has been struggling to strike people out, his career-high ERA is sitting at 5.74, and his WHIP is 1.463 (while his

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The Mookie Betts Drama is Finally Behind Us

THIS. This is exactly why I don’t like to get caught up in speculation and rumors when it comes to the off season trading and free agent signings. The 2019 season hadn’t even ended, and Mookie Betts was still contracted with the Red Sox through the 2020 season, but the rumor mill was a big ol’ mess of things like

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