About Moonshots + Mustard

Moonshots and Mustard is a site devoted to baseball, but it’s not just about the every day stats and game analysis. Anyone can give you the numbers. If you want ERA and OPS info, you’ll have to turn to another site. This site will provide a different look at baseball – focusing on the players, the stories, the humorous, the ridiculous, and the awesome.

Marea + Joe Mauer in 2007

Written by Marea Anderson, formerly of Babes Love Baseball, Moonshots and Mustard is thick with sarcasm, wit, and a love of the game. Marea is a lifelong baseball fan with a lot of opinions. She’s interviewed baseball greats like Ken Griffey Sr, Harmon Killebrew, and Joe Mauer, been quoted by ESPN, and has been featured on local media around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Her husband knew he’d marry her after their first date when she could rattle off baseball facts that would otherwise stump most of the population. She’s visited 15/30 of the MLB parks, and names her pets and children after major leaguers. Some might say she’s a little too obsessed when it comes to baseball, to which she raises a one-finger salute.

Any questions, comments, or media inquiries can be sent to marea@moonshotsandmustard.com.